Our work examines society's relationship to landscape and place through the act of making and our use of natural materials. We look at different methods of traditional craft and how materials behave and can be made to perform when working them by hand. Each object we make has its roots in quilting, natural dyeing, woodcarving and turning, yet in the design and making of each we try to challenge and address new and contemporary methods of working. We examine ideas around traditional craft and mark making as a whole, across all times and cultures, allowing us to be influenced and draw inspiration from a wide range of practices. Architectural structures, ancient landscape and cultural objects are all starting points for composition and form in our work. We choose to play on ideas of sculpture and abstraction in order to open up a dialogue between an object's form and function. Thinking about making objects in this way allows us to understand cultural rituals of use and the way we interact and experience the handcrafted object.