2016 / native british hardwoods

Offering Bowl, Scorped Ash

2016 / storm felled ash

Hand Carved Spoons 2016 / native british hardwoods

Hand Carved Spoons

2016 / native british hardwoods

Each of our vessels are individually turned on a wood lathe from British hardwoods. Working with the local Forestry Commission in Epping Forest we look to source a variety of sustainably managed and storm damaged sections of tree. The unpredictability of the material constantly challenges our methods of production. Working with both green and seasoned wood we allow the material to dictate the surface and form of each vessel. Cracks in seasoned wood will reveal themselves in the process of turning and splits will open up in green wood as it dries and warps the edges of bowls. These imperfections and movements remind us that we are working with a material that to all intents and purposes is still alive. As each vessel begins to take shape there is a process in which each is left to shift and change before returning to work on it again. We reference simplicity of form found in Japanese ceramics, and the fragile nature of excavated pottery in the way that each vessel has its own trace of life and mark of the maker's hand.

Fascinated by the rituals surrounding traditional cooking and being around the table, each of our spoons is carved by hand with the intention to be well used and lived with. Having no preconception of a design or idea, each spoon comes to life from a single piece of wood and its form is guided by the wave and movement within the wood grain. From oversized centrepieces that take several days to complete, to the smallest and most delicate of spoons, each has its own character and finds its own purpose and function. Our approach to carving is meditative and precedes or follows turning as a way of allowing ideas and material to play out immediately within our hands with the use of just two hand tools. This spontaneity gives us the freedom to create one off, in the moment shapes or return time and time again to the most pleasing forms.

Split Birch Stools

2016 / silver birch

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