Working in both the visual arts and contemporary craft, artists Max Bainbridge and Abigail Booth draw upon a background in painting and sculpture, whilst looking towards a newly developed language of craft. They work on objects independently, to produce installations and displays that form dialogues between landscape, material and process as they navigate the changing context of the maker. Driven by a deep relationship to the land they work with raw materials sourced directly from landscapes in and around the UK. Wood, earth and iron are the reoccurring elements that ground their individual practices in a material investigation of form, composition and colour. The use of raw material is integral to the work, with wood transformed into objects symbolic of human ritual, and cloth saturated in iron and earth to produce canvases that conjure the monumental and meditative. Using fire, earth and water to sculpt wood and build up colour on the surface of cloth, they produce objects that challenge the relationship between the imagined and the actual, where landscape occupies the critical space between thought and process. They treat this liminal space as a site where human narratives and identity can be challenged and re-written through the gesture of the maker and their interaction with the natural.


Scorched | 10 Jun - 30 Aug | Sarah Myerscough Gallery | London

Scorched is an exhibition of scorched wood pieces by leading contemporary artists and designers. The traditional process of shou-sugi-ban, otherwise known as yakisugi, is a technique originating in Japan in the 18th century which involves the slight charring of the surface of wood. Although it carries a strong cultural significance, this exhibition comes from a clear Western perspective.

Jerwood Makers Open | 19 Jun - 18 Aug | Jerwood Space | London

Five new commissions by early-career makers Lucie Gledhill, Abigail Booth and Max Bainbridge (Forest + Found), Mark Corfield-Moore, Tana West and Bethan Lloyd Worthington brought about through the biennial Jerwood Makers Open. Each artist combines a high level of technical skill with imagination and intellectual adventure, constituting a fresh and exciting direction in their work.


The Art of Boro | 15 Aug - 20 Oct | 8 Holland St | Bath & London

8 Holland Street is delighted to present an exhibition of twelve exceptional, Japanese Boro textiles from the collection of renowned art and antiques dealer Gordon Reece. These beautiful, heirloom bedcovers have been rediscovered and represented as abstract artworks. They will be shown alongside works by contemporary textile artists Catarina Riccabona and Abigail Booth (of Forest + Found), with both artists exploring issues of sustainability and materiality in their work.

The Art of Gathering | 14 Sep - 12 Oct | The New Craftsman Gallery | St Ives

For the 2019 St Ives September Festival The New Craftsman Gallery will be exhibiting works by painter Michael Porter, and artists Joe Hogan, Stuart Cairns and Forest + Found.


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