Artists in Residence:


1 April - 1 October 2017

In April 2017 we were invited to take on the artist in residence program at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford to coincide with the re-display of their archaeology collection. This unique opportunity allowed us to directly respond to archaeological artefacts through onsite research and an ongoing collaboration with museum staff. The archaeological collections in particular hold a certain significance for our work in the ability for the unearthed and re-discovered object to conjure new myths and meanings when trying to decipher how and why these objects were made and used. The curation of the Pitt Rivers Museum, whereby objects are divorced from a traditional linear concept of time resonates with our approach to re-imagining cultural objects that resurface throughout history and take on new meanings and ritual significance. Working with the Pitt Rivers Museum over the next few months will give us the opportunity to directly engage with a wider public audience by challenging the pre-conceptions of certain objects and traditions of making through our approach to contemporary craft practice. 

Associated Installations and Events:

Unearthed: Installation (film)
Duration: 5 minutes, 28 seconds
4 Sept - 1 Oct 2017

Unearthed is a film that looks to change the way we view the museum’s archaeology collection by reconnecting its audience to the complex relationships humans have evolved to have with their surrounding landscape and natural resources. Through the discovery and working of materials by hand, the film builds an immersive narrative of the back-and forth-between the natural source and layering of creative process.

Click here to watch film.

The Future of Objects Q&A/Talk
Thursday 1 June

A talk open to the public in which we discuss the future of objects being made today and to imagine what the museums of the future might be like. The aim of this will be to open up discussions around the value of materials, objects and labour and the changing responsibility of craftsmen and museums today. 

Experimental Object Making Workshop
Saturday 27 May

Working with an array of foraged natural materials participants will dive into an experimental making workshop building invented objects that take inspiration from the surrounding Pitt River's collections. Working with yarn, willow, wood and clay they will come away with an object that questions form and explores function.